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You will receive the credentials of an account with the full game preloaded. (With all the instructions to install and start the game)

Online multiplayer available!

The games are complete and some of them also include additional DLC

All game progress and achievements will be saved to your main account

Language: All games are Multilingual

Online multiplayer available!

The games are complete and some of them also include additional DLC

All game progress and achievements will be saved to your main account

We sell an account to several people, for example we buy the game at full price from the original store then we sell it to several people (max 3), in that way you can play the other people at the same time to the game on only one profile.

❓What is a shared account (shared)? Account shared with multiple people. To start the game you have to carry out a specific procedure every time you start the game. It works in ONLINE or OFFLINE mode


✅ Access to the purchased account remains forever (The new password or replacement account will be given if problems arise, you will not lose anything on your progress) Since it will be played from the main profile.

✅ Price 3 to 5 times cheaper than the DVD or Official Store

✅ We only sell quality products, we offer free technical assistance if you want step-by-step help starting or installing the game. Just write us on WhatsApp.

✅ The commitment and seriousness of our company make us leaders of the digital account market, we have put the maximum effort into the digital project.

✅ Experience gained since 2017 on digital accounts


Is It a DVD, a Code or a Key?

No, we provide a real account with EMAIL and PASSWORD to link on your console and then downloading the game

Is the game complete? Is it the official version?

Yes, it is the full and official version and does NOT expire.

What will I receive after placing my order?

After placing your order you will receive a link with a username and password to be able to download the game. Inside the account you’ll find your chosen game preloaded. Simply download it from library and you’re ready to go!.

How fast will I receive my account details to download the game?

Usually the sending of the data takes place within a few minutes of the order, barring unforeseen circumstances.

What is the difference between primary account and secondary account?

By purchasing the primary account it will be possible to use your personal account to play after installing the game while if you decide to purchase the secondary one to play you will have to log in with the PS account that we provide you BUT IN ANY CASE you can connect with your developer account of the software (EA, ACTIVISION, etc.)..), so in the end you save a lot and the only “annoyance” (if you want to call it that) is that you have to log in from that PSN account rather than yours.

It asks me for the confirmation code that was sent to the email, what should I do?

No problem, this confirmation code will automatically be forwarded to your mailbox.

I have a problem… what should I do?

Problems can all be solved! our customer service is active from 11 to 23 and we will be happy to help you solve any problem.

Contact us through our Live Chat, via e-mail at: mundus-shop@protonmail.com or on Whatsapp +1 (917) 695-6509

Can I share my purchase with a friend?

No, it is not shareable and is valid for one console only, if you want to change consoles you must first remove your account from the previous one.

If I uninstall the game will I be able to reinstall it?

Of course you can uninstall and reinstall it as many times as you want.

Your account will be stored also in your “DOWNLOAD” section of “MY ACCOUNT” here on mundusgaming.net

What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards (including prepaid ones), PayPal, Crypto, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and many more!

Is It Legal?

Digital resale in Europe is legal according to the European Court of Justice on the free movement of digital goods and according to article 99 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12, as is the resale of second-hand physical games.

On the other hand, it should be clarified that the conditions of use of Playstation and the law are different things. Sony PlayStation indicates in its terms of use (ToS) its disagreement on sharing games with third parties, be they friends, family or strangers, but on the other hand, if Playstation were to limit it, it would be in breach of the European Court of Justice law which it allows the free movement of digital goods and would also exercise an illegal monopoly by offering consoles and games exclusively digitally and giving a single option to purchase these games on its Playstation Store platform at the price they decide without competition.

Bottom line: is it legal? YES

PlayStation loves both physical and digital resale? No, they are trying to make as much profit as possible by pushing commerce into a digital and service world where they can exercise their monopoly with games for 80 euros, subscriptions to services with poor content and closing the servers and game shops at will on the old platforms.

Can the Playstation limit or block the game? No, as this is illegal according to the law of the European Court of Justice and article 99 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996

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