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Need For Speed Unbound 2022

After some time away from the series, EA Games and Criterion announced an upcoming release for the Need for Speed franchise. Need for Speed Unbound will allow gamers to play as a racer who is tasked with winning street racing challenges known as The Grand. There are lots of new graphical changes including stylized visuals that replicate anime designs combined with hyper-realistic car models – all in all, this marks a first for the popular game series. What’s even better? You can race against other players online or offline, which helps keep your skills sharp while adding an element of competition between drivers!

Fans of the game have been anxiously awaiting more details since it was initially revealed at EA Play last week. Now we’ve got them! Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about Need For Speed Unbound, starting with its eagerly anticipated release date!

When is the Need for Speed Unbound release date?

The game’s release date has been confirmed to be December 2, 2022.

However, gamers who buy pre-orders can start playing on November 29th with an EA Play 10 hour trial. This launch comes alongside some other major games in December such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Callisto Protocol and Hello Neighbour 2.

Which platforms will support this title? Like all new games coming out from publishers like EA Games these days, it’ll be supported on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X S (sorry Switch players!). Though if you’re looking for a computer version of the game you’ll need either Steam or Epic Games Store.

Which consoles and platforms can play Need for Speed Unbound?

On December 2, Need for Speed will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X S and PC – sorry Switch fans, and those of us still playing on PS4 or Xbox One.

On the PC side of things, in terms of launchers, NFS Unbound can be bought on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Can I pre-order Need for Speed Unbound?

Yes! If you pre-order Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition on PlayStation or Xbox, you can claim your very own luxury edition set in collaboration with London skateboarding company Palace Skateboards. For just £79.99 – which drops to £71.99 if you have an EA Play membership – the package includes four custom cars, a customized clothing pack, a driving effect, decals and license plates, character poses and banner artwork for your profile page. That said, there are other options available too; including buying it from Epic Games Store (£59) or Steam (£69). But if you’re interested in getting early access to the game without dealing with the wait time associated with downloading it—EA Play Pro members on PC will start playing 3 days earlier than everyone else starting November 29th; get ready to take off like lightning!

Need For Speed Unbound

The much anticipated new installment in the popular video game series, Need For Speed (NFS) has finally been announced. Press releases reveal that gameplay is driven by an engaging storyline that follows two friends torn apart by a tragic carjacking at their family auto-shop. Your goal as player is to rise up through the ranks and ultimately win back the car thieves took from you and your friend. This new game offers some revolutionary features such as drifting large sections of the city and evading police escorts. Multiplayer provides endless possibilities with multiple modes available for everyone from beginners all the way up to seasoned pros with exclusive challenges coming from none other than A$AP Rocky himself!

Is there a Need for Speed Unbound trailer?

Tune in below to watch the first full trailer for Need For Speed Unbound—featuring game play and its new aesthetic, cutscenes and plenty of A$AP Rocky.

While you wait for the NFS Unbound release date on December 2nd, take a look here

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